Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Exhibition Introduction

            The title of this exhibition is “Challengers of Art”. It is my intention to present works from artists who have made a contribution to the evolution of art as a whole, or who challenge viewers of art to accept notions of aesthetics and beauty outside of their normal comfort range. With the exception of one, all of the artists in this exhibit bucked the trends of “normal” or “accepted” art, or artistic expression. I made the connection by looking at the importance some of the artists, and their works, had on the evolution of mainstream art over the past 150 years, or by displaying works from artists that benefitted from the predecessors pushed boundaries and values, and who continued to push those boundaries themselves.

The exhibition includes works from:
·         Thomas Kinkade
·         Oscar Claude Monet
·         Vincent van Gogh
·         Salvador Dalí
·         Jackson Pollock
·         H.R. Giger
·         Alex Grey
·         Frank Gehry
·         The Unmask Group (Liu Zhan, Kuang Jun, and Tan Tianwei)
·         And Marco Evaristti

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